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What Do Winners Do About Excuses? | LinkedIn

What Do Winners Do About Excuses? | LinkedIn

Winners question even their own excuses to shed light on potential underlying problems that could threaten the outcome of a plan. Image Credit:

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The difference between “winner” and “loser” is a mindset, not defined partial results, because most successful ideas are preceded by some failed experiments. This involves some frustration. Lack of experience, for example, can…

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How Do Marketers Overcome Negative Experiences?

How Do Marketers Overcome Negative Experiences?

I do it with creativity and cynicism. Marketers can get out of difficult times by either improving a situation to resemble what it is supposed to be or rethinking a situation to create new value.

Sometimes we change our reality by actively rearranging assets to make a statement. When we can’t change what’s outside, we can be have fun all the same. Being cynical helps.

Remember that “Beauty is in…

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What to Ask Parents of ADHD Children Before Marketing a Game to Help Them?

What to Ask Parents of ADHD Children Before Marketing a Game to Help Them?

What is key information to learn about my clients for market research?

Asked 3 days ago* by S. Thomas Warden in Advertising & Marketing

I read everywhere that I need to be sending out surveys and getting to know my clients better in order to improve my product, but what questions are important to ask? There are a lot of templates for buyer personas out there and can’t tell what information is…

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Are marketers true professionals?

Are marketers true professionals?

Perhaps those who focus on creating value, instead of deliverables.

It is often a courtesy to refer to a worker as a professional, regardless of his job. Professionals often need accreditations and work based on best practices.

We are less professional than a plumber.

I did go to college for my marketing degree, but I don’t need a license to execute ideas that I still don’t have. A “creative”…

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How to design a business model?

How to design a business model?

By fixing someone else’s problems in exchange for profits.

What is a business model?

A business model is an idea validated by facts and interpretation of data. Business models precede strategies and give management the basic tools to create one by organising all the elements that will conform its backbone.

Learn what can make your company competitive.

What makes you think that you can go into business?


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