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Why is Square not the new Paypal?

Why is Square not the new Paypal?

Square lost its momentum.

It’s an expensive way to process credit card payments in the physical world that cannot be easily used for digital payments, whether desktop or mobile, because most shopping cart systems already use PayPal.

PayPal is device agnostic.

It has been the standard for a while and also has a plug-in reader for your mobile devices, making it a better all-around solution for…

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How to make marketing fast?

How to make marketing fast?

With leadership, management and automation.


Speed costs money, whether you invest to accelerate the delivery of results or spend it to get unstuck, after a mistake.

Remove obstacles.


There are obstacles to any idea. Some are based on equipment and money, but others are caused by your own team.

Many objections raised by your team will be valid, but some are just temper tantrums and envy.…

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Why should you never design in a vacuum?

Why should you never design in a vacuum?

Because you could create something that nobody would buy.

We all fall in love with our brainchildren, it is normal. I like to think of them as foster children who should generate revenue, in order to justify their upkeep. Otherwise, I would let them go.

This doesn’t mean that your shouldn’t constantly experiment with enhancementsthat could increase your bottom line. Simply follow a few rules to…

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What is the Product Life Cycle?

What is the Product Life Cycle?

The product life cycle is a tool to forecast demand fluctuation over time.


The Product Life Cycle helps marketers to understand how the demand for their products or services should fluctuate over time, giving them insights on what to attempt and when.

What does the curve indicate?

The classic curve compares sales volume against time. It’s useful to estimate your cost per customer.


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